Fighting the Flab III

Day off

I am enjoying my only day off in a week.  Today’s installment of Fighting the Flab was a bike ride; I borrowed a self-shifting bike and rode it for about half an hour.  The hills put up quite a fight, I triumphed, winded and humbled.  The self-shifting bike didn’t like shifting in to high gear on straight downhill or level sections, and uphill didn’t want to shift down to my liking, but it didn’t allow me to over exert myself on an uphill stretch.  If this was all I would say, the bike did a great job. However, the seat was extremely uncomfortable and I will have to figure out how to adjust it for a better fit or get bike of my own, the seat will not allow me to make my goal of riding to the fountain at the other side of my housing development.

Tomorrow is back to walking and other miscellaneous exercising escalating into a real workout or disappearance of belly fat and man boobs, whichever comes first.  The ultimate goal of this plan is to achieve great fitness and to achieve a body image I’ll be satisfied with I’ll detail this goal later but now I have to post to keep up with my pledge.

Kacey Green
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