New fitness goal

This morning’s weigh-in returned 174.0 pounds with 18.5% body fat and 55.5% total body water. I think the goal of getting to 150 before getting serious will be pretty much useless the way I’m going about things now. As much as I loved and miss my grandpa, I don’t want his gut, so the new goal will be to lose that and then re-evaluate. I’m curious how low the body fat can get without becoming a gym rat, as you can see my “workouts” are under 15min each so far, the last time I did this routine the longest was 25 minutes and that was just trying to get all the movements correct, the following two workouts (these come in threes before moving on to the next) were 15 or so minutes. I know 11% will produce some nice looking abs and amateur body builders try to keep to 8 or 9%, the number 5% stands out but I don’t remember what group has that fat target. As a vegetarian this should be an easy enough endeavor, but I love junk food and breads, I do need to cut most other processed foods that don’t fit the description of bread or multivitamin tablets.

Food and Exercise log

Breakfast: McDonald’s Egg & Cheese bagel with small orange juice

Lunch: Pasta and sauce, bottled water, cinnamon apple sauce, chocolate chip granola bar

This morning’s workout:

  • 3 sets speed jacks
  • 3 sets push-ups
  • 3 wall sits
  • 3 sets bird-dog

Kacey Green

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