Tesla Supercharging - Can Ludicrous+ compete with On-Route Battery Warmup? Part 1

A regular viewer and I were talking about Supercharger V3 and we got to talking about charging faster on existing V2 superchargers and how Tesla might be approaching On-Route Battery Warmup, at this point a lightbulb went off, I’ve got a vehicle with Ludicrous enabled, which means I can heat the battery at will, up to 50 degrees Centigrade.

On-Route Battery Warmup is supposed to work with Supercharger V3 and Supercharger V2 (with upgraded firmware in the station and the car) to reduce your charge times by 25% at existing stations and to 50% of current times at the new stations. It works by pre-heating your battery to accept the fastest charge by the time you arrive at the station.

My wife and I took a trip down to the Macon, Georgia Supercharger and about 30 minutes out we turned on Max Battery using the Tesla Easter Egg, doing it this way allows seeing the battery temperature before heating is completed. The results were interesting, the last time we heated the battery while Supercharging the outside temperature was cooler, and we didn’t turn off the Max Battery mode, here charging was slower than expected so I turned off the mode since the car had reached 50 degrees Celsius. On my blog are the two charges I did with the battery heated, and a handful of similar kWh charged sessions from the Columbia, SC supercharger.