Testing Windows Storage Spaces

Continuing my testing of Windows 8 Storage Spaces, I'm running a test server with Windows Server 8 Beta, after reading the post on the Building Windows 8 blog I thought it might be useful to test.

This isn't by any means thorough, it suits the way I'll need to use the feature on a production server once the OS RTMs. I threw in a 3TB drive and 2 160GBdrives, and all was fine for a while. I was using the Parity setting, at this point that mode is incredibly slow compared to the two or three way mirrors and the simple volumes as well. Once any drive in the pool is full the system gets incredibly unstable, adding drives to the pool doesn't fix the problem, rotating in a drive is also not an option yet, once I added in a pair of 500gb drives the system got marginally more stable, for a few minutes.

My solution is to delete the volumes and shares and use matched drives until the next public build comes out.

Food Log

No workout today, it's a rest day.

Breakfast was "Moms Best"Apple oatmeal

Lunch was a foot-long egg & cheese on honey oat with spinach, salt & pepper, and olive oil, toasted, from Subway. Two chocolate chip cookies and a medium Coke with a splash of Minute Maid light lemonade.

Updates with dinner and snacks will be posted later today. (Actually posted in the next post)

Kacey Green

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