Fresh new song!

Album Cover

Album Cover

I was listening to "I love to move in here" off Moby's new album

this morning on my way to my staff meeting. This song has a great beat and a nice rap session and some great bass lines, it really caught me by surprise. I listened to it about five times today and cranked up the volume in the Prius.  The lyrics were easy to learn and I don't anticipate this one playing itself out quickly, unless XM channel 26 picks it up in their rotation.  XM 26 is the station the radio is set to at work.  The fresh new song and the cool breeze combined to put me in a great mood for the day ahead.  Listen to "I love to move in here" and let me know what you think.

Update: After writing my mini-review of this track I found a place to download it for free and a review of the whole album here:

Kacey Green
"This post brought to you by Tangent's randomly firing synapses."

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