More random thoughts

My smart scale and my doctor's office use very similar app icons. This has caused a couple false launches of the doctor's app because they're in the same folder and on the same side of the screen. 

 The SpaceX GPS satellite launch this morning was fun to watch after a week of delays, first for an odd reading in the rocket and then repeatedly for weather. They produced some beautiful shots of the earth with the on board cameras. They also proved their claims for intraplanetary transport timing it crossed over Australia (between there and Antarctica) at just over an hour after leaving Florida, then reached California just past the two hour mark. I'd much prefer that than day-long plane trips. 


There are just days to go before Tesla runs out of their $7500 tax deduction and it drops to half, new owners mut pick up their car by 23:59:59 on December 31st local time to qualify. Tesla has released all cars for sale so you can get an inventory, demo, or cancelled/delayed order in time. If you use my code you will get six months of free Supercharging! We've used  tens of thousands of free miles since 2016 it's very nice. Update: 25 December, 2018 if you buy a car without test driving through the 11th of March you get 9 months of free Supercharging, if you take a test drive you'll still get the 6 months free.


Hopefully I get another post and maybe a video or audio recording up before the end of the year. Happy winter holidays and happy new year! 

Yet again posted from my phone 

Kacey Green