Recording equipment

I'm getting back into podcasting, and blogging, I have a YouTube account but it never really had any blog style content but it looks like a new challenge worth attempting.

 As anyone who listened to my previous podcasts knows, there was decent equipment, I don't know how much is still in good shape, or even where it all is in storage but I'll be tying that equipment in with a few items I picked up that will allow mobile recording. The reason for the mobile studio gear is I couldn't afford to splurge on camera gear right now so that means making do with my wife's camera and cellphones all of which will sound like talking into a paper towel tube. 

 YouTube will be a new challenge, as will getting back in front of a microphone since I'm not the boldest, most enunciated person but as we saw with the last podcasts editing/playback forces everyone to improve. 

I'm not sure what the topics will be, here I can tag stuff and make sections etc., on YouTube I think it is customary to make channels or sub-channels the podcast is similar to this blog here. I'll try to summarize and put things in the descriptions of the audiovisual stuff. Here I'll write stuff down and may or may not add graphics. I don't like videos that rant or ramble on for more that 15 to 30 minutes unless they're funny or special events so expect everything to be that long or shorter, especially since rendering video takes forever. 


Scribbled on my phone without an edit or outline. 


PS. No welcome back or sorry I've been gone or promising to do more I find that annoying unless there's something that happened like an emergency etc, I just didn't feel I had anything to share heee and I got lazy about getting my co-hosts online to record shows on the gohypermiling podcast, and never got serious about YouTube.