My first website review

SuperStar blog's logo

SuperStar blog's logo

Update 2:
The site reviewed below no longer exists and was replaced by a site containing objectionable content (to both myself and the person who pointed this out). The links have been removed and the article will remain for posterity.

Superstar's Blog asked for a review of her blog, so here goes. Like many Americans, I only know the English language, although I can recognize bits of French. At first glance I see a very clean layout, and a great color scheme. The pages take way too long to load, but I'm sure that's an easy fix. There is plenty of content and that's the key to a successful blog. She also doesn't use the No-Follow tag. Allowing links to be followed is a great way to get other bloggers to take an extra second to post on topics they have opinions about but not necessarily strong enough to take the time to craft a response. This also gives the visiting blogger a bit of a reward for participating, and the original blogger gets additional intelligent responses that contribute to the sense of community at their site.

The site looked so good that I took the time to run it through Google translation, which made the site even slower to load than it was originally. Google gave up twice, seriously Google, it only took 35 seconds to load each page, why give up? Therefore, I can't comment on what the translated site looks like because it never translated.

Final words, Superstar, you have a great looking site, improve the page load times and you'll be on your way to becoming an A-List blogger in your language.


Superstar has responded on her site, I have copied it over to for archival.  She has improved load times of her site in FireFox, after her site was down for a while this morning, I think it was the whole server because I can't access the root of her domain either.

Thank you Superstar, we really appreciate the review.


Kacey Green
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