Fighting the flab

I have been neglecting my fitness lately and decided to get back on the ball extremely slowly, tonight I walked and listened to my Creative Zen Vision:M for a smidge over an hour.  In the morning I plan to do a handful of sit-ups/crunches (whichever is easier tomorrow), and pushups. Then, some jumping jacks and stair climbing (on a real flight of stairs) maybe a jog, I’d take the dog too but she’s too easily distracted for bringing along for fitness and she too needs some fitness training, (she’ll be next after I make some progress beyond laughable).  I will then do my blogging and set some fitness goals for the next week and two weeks, then some long-term goals, using the short-term goals to achieve the distant ones.

Wish me well.

I've enabled the Contact Us buttons/pages on this site and GRLT, so readers can interact directly with me (mostly because this blog doesn't have a comment feature yet).

Kacey Green
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