Positions Available

I have needed to make this post for some time now.  FLhybrid.com needs a local event coordinator, and a volunteer editor.  Midlands Hybrid can use an assistant event coordinator and a volunteer editor as well.  Please send your information via the Contact us page at GRLT.com

When planning some of the recent events for the Midlands Hybrid Club I realized that the physical distance between the Florida club and myself has made regular events difficult for me to orchestrate from South Carolina without hiring someone.  I want the Florida club to have the same opportunities as the South Carolina Club, what I'm looking for is someone energetic and enthusiastic who can handle the stresses of building awareness through events such as gatherings and fundraisers.  I can still do major functions and remote based gatherings with everything as it is. When going over the short-term goals for the Midlands club and after a particularly hard-hitting question from a reporter at The Gainesville Sun, I want to make sure all the clean personal transportation clubs to have the same opportunities available so that national events are not out of reach.

Kacey Green
for the GCustom clean personal transportation clubs
“Promoting the spread of clean personal transportation technology.”