I've moved this blog to Squarespace from Joomla! because I felt that J! was a bit heavy handed for a simple personal blog, and it required too much upkeep (read work), and after a full day working on a computer the last thing I was in the mood for was keeping up with Joomla! updates. I have a couple projects running on Squarespace, and I fully respect Joomla! but for what I use this for and how much it slowed my enthusiasm to jot out a quick post it was time to make the switch.

Keeping with my theeme this is running on a beta of Squarespace 6, let's see where the journey takes us next.

This post brought to you by Tangent's randomly firing synapses.

Computer Issues

This really sucks, HP has had my computer a tx2000 convertible tabletsince Friday the 27th and I have no real status updates from them other than the fact that they have received the system.  It took them 6 days just to get the box I was to send the computer in, to me. I called in a warranty claim because my HP Tablet PC was having two issues.  The first was that the system would periodically think that the pen was constantly clicking in random parts of the lower right hand corner of the screen when in laptop mode and plugged into AC power (not running off the battery).  The other issue was that the wireless communications module failed.  Wi-Fi was completely gone but Bluetooth would work most of the time.

Positions Available

I have needed to make this post for some time now.  FLhybrid.com needs a local event coordinator, and a volunteer editor.  Midlands Hybrid can use an assistant event coordinator and a volunteer editor as well.  Please send your information via the Contact us page at GRLT.com

When planning some of the recent events for the Midlands Hybrid Club I realized that the physical distance between the Florida club and myself has made regular events difficult for me to orchestrate from South Carolina without hiring someone.  I want the Florida club to have the same opportunities as the South Carolina Club, what I'm looking for is someone energetic and enthusiastic who can handle the stresses of building awareness through events such as gatherings and fundraisers.  I can still do major functions and remote based gatherings with everything as it is. When going over the short-term goals for the Midlands club and after a particularly hard-hitting question from a reporter at The Gainesville Sun, I want to make sure all the clean personal transportation clubs to have the same opportunities available so that national events are not out of reach.

Kacey Green
for the GCustom clean personal transportation clubs
“Promoting the spread of clean personal transportation technology.”

Changes waiting in the wings

Anyone who remembers the start of my personal blog here should remember why I started it; this weblog was a test-bed for the new version of the content management system "Tech with a twist of lime!" is running, that version went gold months ago and has even has a pair of stability releases.  So coming up you will see this site's functionality morph to a more fully featured platform much like the one at GRLT.  After the tests are complete they will roll to the Midlands Hybrid Club site, once that site is ready for Saturday's soft launch this site will go back to being my personal blog but able to handle anything I might throw at it.  Next up is the upgrade of GRLT and the splitting of the tech and hybrid sides of the sites, long overdue.

Back to that history lesson, I had a test mule but it bore my name, only at this point did I see the point of a personal blog (for myself anyway, I’ve been reading personal blogs for years). I got really into posting and found my balance, then work got in the way and I stopped posting altogether. After becoming a workaholic yet again, I found a pseudo-balance for work/personal life and now I am back baby!


Kacey Green
"This post brought to you by Tangent's randomly firing synapses."