Fighting the Flab II

I am making slow progress on my self-improvement/fitness plan; remember that is a good thing.  I did get the pushups and such done; the stair climbing never did come to fruition, although I did get a few climbs in outside of the plan.  I also didn’t get any of the jumping jacks and such done, though I did get some dancing in (I feel that counts if done right) and there was an unexpected jog of respectable distance too!

The jog only reminded me of how much I hate walking, I’ve always been a jogger/runner even when I walk it is done at a wicked-brisk pace.  After I get some more money saved up I’ll get some trainers (tennis shoes) and get back in my element, by then the walking and such should bring the lung capacity back to where it needs to be.  Eventually I want to be able to sprint (I don’t know of anyone who can sprint for miles) run/jog the entire distance I’ve been walking.

Over at "Tech with a twist of lime!" I talked about my first day back trading hours for dollars, and I already have a story about a brush with utter danger!

Kacey Green
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