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Which Wich?

In pursuit of full disclosure, I paid for the following meal out of pocket; GCustom will reimburse me the full amount of my expenditure.  The following review is not a sponsored post.

I had never heard of Which Wich before moving to Columbia, I thought others might like a preview. Yesterday, I ate at Which Wich (WW) at Sand Hills, in Columbia, SC.  My brother has applied for a job here twice (the first time they lost his application), their applications are the traditional paper application plus one of their order bags.   This was unique enough that when combined with the spontaneous sounding name and decorations outside the building, that I made up my mind to try them out (that and my T-Mobile Wing picked up a free WIFI signal [802.11g unsecured]).  Now you know how I discovered this unique(ish it is a franchise) sandwich shop.


The interior is like that of Chipotle, stainless steel and pine, but the walls were drywall, painted shades of yellow, with an exposed black painted ceiling and infrastructure (air ducts and electrical conduits etc.).  There is outside dining with umbrella-equipped tables, they seem to be close enough that you would easily hear any concerts that go on in Sand Hills' performance area.  I walked in and identified the only table with a power outlet (in the back grrr), then ordered my food. Like most trendy eateries, they had no issues with me plugging in my laptop; though I would like to see at least one or two more places with outlets.

The Food:

To order your food you pick up a baggie for the staff to put your meal in, on the front are the ordering options, there are over nine types of order baggies, you need to choose the type that corresponds to the sandwich you want, I wanted a Bacon Club so I chose number 8 or 9 "Classics".  After you place your order and pay, fill your drink (unless you ordered a shake), and pick a table, next you wait.  When the order is ready, staff members call your name (they spelled mine all kinds of wrong see photo) and some other words I could not comprehend. You can see the baggie in the picture below.  When they have finished prepping your food they put it in your order baggie, so far everything looked promising. 

Anyone who knows about me and Chipotle or Moe's will know that putting my hot food in an aluminum foil wrapper will activate some of my Pavlovian responses.  The food was pleasantly warm and not scalding, about what you would find at other Tex-Mex joints.

Inside the foil is a wrapped sandwich like you'd expect to find at Subway, Quisnos, or any other sandwich place.  The sandwich was nicely toasted and not overcooked or wilted in any way.  It could have used more flavor, but that might be due to the way I ordered it.  For instance, I don't care for whole tomatoes so if I can request not having any without offending, I will.  The Coke was well chilled and not overly carbonated (cough, Subway, cough) so I did not have to wait long for the bubbles to subside to the point where I could put more beverage in the cup before putting the top on.  I don't care for ice in my drinks due to my teeth's cold sensitivity, but I will tolerate it if not done excessively (here's lookin' at you Sonic) or if I have a straw.  I do not recommend the brownie, it tastes just like any other pre-made, pre-wrapped brownie, just tolerable, at least it was moist, most of these things taste the same but some establishments have notably dry brownies.

Final words:
I would visit again; WW has tasty, warm, wholesome foods. I might even add them to my lunch rotation but the food isn't at a level where I'd make specific trips out to go visit them, they do have a satisfaction guarantee, but I didn't have time to try it out, and it may have been my fault like I said.   I have gone on trips to other sandwich places when I am a craving for a turkey bacon club they might be one of these if my next Wich is better than the one today. The WW website indicates Sand Hills is the only location in the state; you can find all you want about them, with an obvious positive bias from their site.

Returning from the review, I spotted one Highlander hybrid, and three Prius (one twice for four sightings), if any of you are reading this, hello.

Kacey Green
"This post brought to you by Tangent's randomly firing synapses."